Cases & Asociados is a multidisciplinary law firm based in Palma de Mallorca for 25 years founded with the vocation of providing a comprehensive legal advice service to our clients, both domestic and foreign.

The constant search for excellence in the provision of our services is based on the following principles: specialization, personalized attention, teamwork and ongoing training.


The specialization of each and every one of our professionals aimed at providing the highest quality service in any area of law and throughout the national territory, judicial or extrajudicially.


Personalized Service

We rely on a specialized multilingual team in order to offer the best service to our world wide clients, seeking their satisfaction based on a fluid communication and constant updating about ongoing cases or investments.

Team Work

It allows us to deal successfully with multidisciplinary and strategy-based cases by enriching them with different points of view.


Continuous Training

The permanent training of our team is essential since the practice of Law, always in constant development and evolution, requires a continuous study of each area. We are able to keep up to date with any changes by attending conferences, courses, seminars, and different events, as well as subscribing to the main specialized legal journals and databases.